About Us

About Us

Connecting the best technical service companies to oil and gas upstream operators, Ingenier is a provider of technical services, delivered in partnership with some of the best names in engineering. With a global footprint of 60 offices across 45 countries and extensive long-term relationships with expert service providers, Ingenier can offer integrated technical services which are agile, scalable and which deliver significant cost savings to your business.

Why Ingenier?

Oil and gas upstream companies are under increasing pressure to deliver improved production rates and maximum returns to shareholders. To do this they need technical service companies which can deliver their respective services quickly, efficiently and at an optimal price point.

But how can upstream companies’ source, contract and manage the best technical service companies? They use Ingenier.

Ingenier’s technical service does the hard-work so you don’t have to. Our extensive global network of technical integrated service providers are able to operate quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional service companies meaning that your project is completed more efficiently and cost effectively when you work with Ingenier.

The benefits of choosing Ingenier

● Our network of partners have lower overhead costs, meaning they can deliver technical services at a price far superior than traditional providers, ensuring you benefit from significant cost savings.

● We remove the burden of sourcing, securing and managing technical service providers. Our team takes care of supplier management, evaluation of supplier performance, compliance, administration, certification, HSE and associated contract management, thus transferring risk away from your business to Ingenier and our partners.

● With 60 offices across 45 countries, Ingenier can source and manage technical service providers no matter where your service requirement is located.

● Ingenier has extensive experience working in some of the most complex and challenging locations in the world, meaning that we can ensure 100% compliance with all local regulations no matter where your service requirements are located.

● Our diverse range of partners means that we can offer bespoke, customisable technical services. The demands of upstream businesses are ever changing. Ingenier can meet these demands.

● We can provide local technical service providers. In countries where local content and supplier engagement is a priority, this can make a huge difference to the overall operation and success of your service requirements.

● As part of the Fircroft Group, Ingenier has access to the workforce management services of the world’s leading Oil & Gas recruitment company, an industry-leading integrated project management company and innovative consulting services.